Lava Me 3 is the future of musical instrument? LAVA MUSIC unveils it's new touchscreen equipped carbon body guitar!!


Lava Music is certainly no wonder for making acoustic guitars that set eye-catching trends. In the last 24 months alone, the brand has produced carbon fiber Lava Me Pro, Lava U Ukulele and even a variety of  Lava Me Sixstrings in limited editions.

Now the brand has announced the latest acoustic electric guitar. This is promised to be the most advanced to date. Meet the 
 Lava Me 3-A revolutionary further development of the two previous  Lava Me iterations  with a touch screen. Yes, that's right. LavaMe3 has three and a half multi-touch displays aimed at "making guitar tools as intuitive as a smartphone."

To this end, Lava Me 3 is equipped with the HILAVA operating system, which provides a multitude of applications that allow users to easily access tools such as tuners, metronomes, loopers, a variety of applications and a voice recorder.

Notable apps consist of Effects – empowered through 50 audio algorithms – which shall we customers visually tweak a variety of onboard sound effects, in addition to Loops, which gives over a hundred grooves of various genres that players can loop as much as 4 tracks over. 
 Elsewhere, the Practice app gives 5 exercise modes – chord transition, strumming, scale schooling, ear training and single note training – that each provide a detailed feedback report to document progress, supported by sound detection technology that identifies playing accuracy.

A tuner, metronome and recorder can be accessed via the touchscreen, while the Lava Me 3 also possesses connectivity powers that let users share their recordings to the Lava+ social media platform.

There have been some upgrades in the build department, too. The refined unibody carbon fiber acoustic has been treated to a revamped FreeBoost 2.0 accentuator, which works with the internal Honeycomb structure in a bid to provide boosted vibrations and a more pronounced low-end.

The accentuator is also paired with Lava Music’s 4-MASS technology, which is said to maintain harmonic resonance around the soundbox, thus contributing to a “clear, full and rich sound from the get-go”.

Available in 36-inch and 38-inch iterations, the Lava Me 3 sports a choice of White, Pink, Soft Gold, Blue, Red and Space Gray colorways, and comes equipped with a Plek machine-leveled HPL fretboard.

Accessories include the Space Charging Dock, which also serves as a convenient guitar stand, as well the Space Bag and adjustable Ideal Strap 2.

To find out more, visit Lava Music.